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Our Evolution

Since gaining so much following for the services and products we offer, We have expanded drastically over a short period of time. From branded featuring on several major publications to having our entire platform reworked, our very young brand is dedicated to serving us, women, a better style for the future, all without forgetting our vintage culture that has formed the way we style today.

Experience vintage glamour and modern minimalism.

Our History

The OLDNEW Generation was founded on the April 16, 2019, by a young aspiring entrepreneur at age 19. Three weeks before starting his undergraduate degree, he got inspired to help the local community in Prince Edward Island gain access to more trendy clothing at an affordable price. However, things don't just end there. With the OLDNEW, much more opportunities are to be explored by the young undergraduate, in hopes of making Prince Edward Island even more attractive to tourists.

 Prince Edward Island & Beaches

Spanning over 5,660 km², this tiny, yet huge, island is home to 23 incredible beaches.
PEI and beaches. They're practically synonyms. When visitors think of Prince Edward Island, many immediately imagine the smooth warm sand, red sandstone cliffs, soft blue sky, and the white-capped waves of the surrounding seas. We have 1100 kilometres of shoreline, much of it in the form of pristine beaches. It's what English, French, Scottish, and Irish settlers first saw when they arrived here centuries ago. And often, it's still the first place visitors head when they arrive today.
Whether you prefer napping in the sun, splashing in the water, building a sandcastle, enjoying a leisurely stroll, or capturing that unforgettable sunset, there's a beach that's perfect for it.
Prince Edward Island: The Birth Place Of Confederation 
Prince Edward Island is one of eastern Canada's maritime provinces, off New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Although being the smallest province of Canada, the large island is marked by red-sand beaches, lighthouses, and fertile farmland, and is renowned for seafood like lobster and mussels.
Charlottetown, the capital today, which was also the capital back in the late 1800s, is home to the Victorian government buildings & the modern Confederation Centre of the Arts, with a theatre and art gallery. The province has roughly 150,000 people living here at the moment.